Relax Tea

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Need to relax? Release stress and anxiety the natural way with this natural herbal tea.

What makes it great

  • Passionflower grass is used as a sedative in the case of nervous tension, anxiety, hypersensitivity, insomnia, neurogenic digestive system disorders (for example, for the relief of mild spasms).
  • Melissa is used as a sedative, analgesic, anticonvulsant, and is also suitable for insomnia, from increased irritability, or for the relief of severe headaches. It also improves heart function and treats heart problems. Melissa infusions and decoctions rinse the oral cavity in case of gum inflammation or toothache and also promote sweating. Melissa compresses are applied to neuralgic and rheumatic pains and healing wounds that are difficult to heal.
  • Sowing hemp leaves and inflorescences tea helps build strength, improves blood circulation, bride, appetite, restores and strengthens the immune system, stabilizes the psyche, calms the stomach and normalizes bowel function.
  • Peppermint preparations are used as a sedative, antispasmodic, bile secretion aid, help with nausea, vomiting, intestinal spasms, relieve pain. They also treat bronchitis, neuroses and insomnia. Inhalation is used for respiratory diseases, soothes the central nervous system. Rinses the oral cavity in the presence of mucous membranes to remove unpleasant breath or relieve toothache.
  • Dried lavender blossoms have been helping people with insomnia, stress, depression and headaches for many years. Lavender blossom preparations are pleasantly relaxing, soothing and help you fall asleep. The substances contained in lavender flowers are soothing and have an antiseptic effect. Protects the skin from the growth of harmful microorganisms and inhibits inflammation. Breathing lavender vapor heals flu, angina and bronchitis faster. Lavender also repels insects such as mosquitoes and flies.
  • Chamomile flowers help to relieve stomach and intestinal cramps, cure diarrhea, flatulence, activate the digestive tract and stimulate sweating. The antiseptic effect is used to rinse the mouth in case of inflammation of mucous membranes or gums, to treat skin rashes, sunburned or frostbitten skin. Folk medicine advises using chamomile tea in colds and as a soothing remedy at bedtime.
  • Oat grass tea is used to cure insomnia, is great for soothing nerves, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, promoting sweating and urine output.

Product Specifications

Ingredients: passion fruit 28%, melissa leaves 21%, hemp leaves and inflorescences 12%, peppermint leaves 11%, lavender flowers 10%, chamomile flowers 10%, and oat seedling 8%.

Preparation Instructions: Place 1 teabag of tea in a cup and fill with boiling water. 10-15 mins let the best qualities of tea unfold. You can taste it with sugar or honey, a slice of lemon. Drink several times a day by letting the herbs take care of your well-being. Do not use in persons sensitive to tea ingredients. Store in a dry, well-ventilated place.

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